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.hack//Sign follows the story about young boy named Tsukasa being mind-trapped into a virtual reality game in the near future.Despite being a "fantasy quest type adventure", it does not rely on action sequences.Instead, the show is driven by mystery, slowly revealing its secrets to the viewer while paying much attention to the individual characters. Questions like what happened to Tsukasa in the real world, who he really is and why he is unable to log out are driving points of the story.Soon after the beginning of the series Tsukasa is led to a hidden area. There he meets Morganna, depicted as a voice without physical appearance, and Aura, who appears as a young girl clad entirely in white, floating asleep above a bed. The storyline introduces Morganna as an ally, but her real intentions are unknown at this point.As the story progresses many characters are introduced, some who want to help, some who have ulterior motives. Then more questions arise as to "what is happening in the game itself, who are these various characters, what are their true goals and what will happen to Tsukasa".All the while he is seen struggling with his increasingly dire situation as well as his own social and emotional shortcomings. Tsukasa isolates himself, but eventually he begins to get closer to other players, and builds strong relationships with some of them. The most important is that which is born between him and Subaru, a kind and thoughtful female Heavy Axeman. In the meantime, the anime follows the quest for the Key of the Twilight.AND THE QUEST BEGINS...... Taken and edited from wiki and ANN
Tsukasa Tsukasa is the protagonist character of the story and plays a Wavemaster. At the start of the series he is seen waking up to find himself trapped in The World, unable to log out. He is initially depicted as a cynical loner who tends to avoid others as much as possible, but his character development shows how he grows to realize there are people who care about him.

Morganna A mysterious "voice" withing The World that is later found out to be the core system of The World; introduced in .hack//Sign as an omnipresent AI that was created to help Aura develop.

Subaru Subaru is a female Heavy Axeman introduced as the leader of the Crimson Knights, a player organization designed to fight injustice (such as player killing) in The World. Most of the time Subaru is the only character preventing the Crimson Knights from running wild; she knows that they must restrain from abusing their power. She eventually joins in the search of a way to help Tsukasa, and builds a close relationship with him.

Mimiru Mimiru, a Heavy Blade described on Helba Gate as a "tough-it-out-through-anything, devil-may-care fighter who is poor at planning things out and following through on them".She is the first player to meet Tsukasa, and later forms a bond with him and vows to protect him.

Bear Bear is an older player of the game and plays a Blademaster. He appears as cool and collected, always willing to help out newbies. He also conducts research in the real world on Tsukasa.

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