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Ichigo 100% follows the life of high school student Junpei Manaka, an aspiring movie director, and the drama and mishaps of his relationships with the girls that enter his life. On one afternoon during school, Junpei sneaks away to the roof to see the sunset. However, upon arriving he witnesses a beautiful girl fall down right in front of him where he catches a glimpse of her strawberry-patterned panties. For Junpei it's love at first sight, however, the girl quickly runs off embarrassed. The scene of the girl behind the sunset, and her panties, motivates Junpei to find out who she is so he can make a movie.  -taken from wikipedia  Characters
Junpei Manaka  The main character in the series, Manaka is an overall average nice guy who gets strung up in numerous embarrassing but endearing romantic situations throughout middle and then highschool. Although his thoughts on girls can get quite perverted on occasion, his gentleness and kindness, as well as his selflessness at times, is what attracts them to him.His dream is to make films as a director. While not academically gifted, he has great talent with cinematography. Aya Tojo Reserved and timid almost to a fault. Regarded as a shy bookworm, Aya wasn't noticed throughout middle school because of the large glasses she wore and her unattractive hairstyle, despite her figure. This all turned around after she started wearing contact lenses and letting her hair down. Tsukasa Nishino  Considered the cutest and most popular girl at their middle school, Tsukasa became Manaka's first and only official girlfriend in the series. She is kind and easy going yet very straight-forward which often lands Manaka in hot water whenever in the presence of the other girls. Satsuki Kitaoji Athletic, energetic, and beautiful, Satsuki is very popular among the boys in the school, mainly with the sports clubs and teams.She was an integral part of the Film Studies Club, having been asked by Manaka to join when it first formed, and starred as the heroine in their first film production. The two of them share the same interests and it was out of the fact that they were always happy around one another that she started developing strong feelings for him. Yui Minamito  Once a neighbor and childhood friend of Manaka before moving away, Yui acts more like a sister than a friend despite being only a year younger. She isn't at all shy around Manaka and is often found sleeping in his bed naked. Ichigo 1 OVA 1 OVA 2 OVA 3 OVA 4 Special 1 Ichigo 1 OVA 1 OVA 2 OVA 3 OVA 4 Special 1 Ichigo 2 Ichigo 3 Ichigo 4 Ichigo 5 Ichigo 6 Ichigo 7 Ichigo 8 Ichigo 9 Ichigo 10 Ichigo 11 Ichigo 12

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