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Once there was a lonely boy named Tasuke Shichiri who recieves a gift from his traveling father : a ring-like crystal called the Shinterin.To Tasuke's surprise,a girl emerges from the Shinterin:Shaorin,the spirit of the moon who becomes Tasuke's guardian angel.  Characters
Shaorin  She wears Traditional styled costumes, has little understanding of the human world after spending a few thousand years in confines of the ring. Throughout the anime her purpose is to protect Tasuke and she does so by summoning different assistants called hoshigami (literally "star gods") through the ring. Tasuke Shichiri  A high school student, son of a globe trotting archeologist father. Because his father travels and his mother is deceased he lives alone in his two story home at the beginning of the story. He is decisive and intelligent, but nonetheless beleaguered. Keikounitten Ruuan She is freed from a wand artifact, the kokutentou, by Tasuke.Ruuan's role as opposed to Shaorin's is not to protect Tasuke but instead make him happy which she does by giving inanimate objects life to do her bidding. Ruuan and Shao are sworn rivals and conflict occurs often as their roles of keeping Tasuke "safe" or "happy" aren't always equivalent. Rishu The tiny, pink-haired, telepathic hoshigami of Shaorin is given to Tasuke when he attends school. She is unable to speak at an audible volume to Tasuke so she communicates by drawing cartoons on palm cards with a paintbrush. She has a cute way of speaking. She says "deshi" instead of "desu" and calls Tasuke "Tasuke-shama". Mamotte Shugogetten 1 Mamotte Shugogetten 2 Mamotte Shugogetten 3 Mamotte Shugogetten 4 Mamotte Shugogetten 5 Mamotte Shugogetten 6 Mamotte Shugogetten 7 Mamotte Shugogetten 8 Mamotte Shugogetten 9 Mamotte Shugogetten 10 Mamotte Shugogetten 11 Mamotte Shugogetten 12 Mamotte Shugogetten 13 Mamotte Shugogetten 14 Mamotte Shugogetten 15 Mamotte Shugogetten 16 Mamotte Shugogetten 17 Mamotte Shugogetten 18 Mamotte Shugogetten 19 Mamotte Shugogetten 20 Mamotte Shugogetten 21 Mamotte Shugogetten 22 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 1 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 2 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 3 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 4 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 5 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 6 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 7 |Denshin Mamotte Shu 8

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