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In Norse mythology, the end of the world was foretold as the final war between the gods, and its name was Ragnarok. In a twist on the lore, the god Loki finds himself exiled to the world of humans. Mayura, a god obsessed with mysteries, ends up entangled in Loki\'s struggle to return to the world of the gods without realizing it, and meanwhile, the gods divide into factions. Some are willing to help Loki find his way home, while others are after his life -- the end of the world, the final war: Ragnarok. And in the center of it all is Mayura... From  Characters
Loki Ragnarok God of mischief (and in some versions chaos) in Norse mythology. Trapped in the body of a child, he seeks a way back to the realm of the gods and his original body. He is the father of Fenrir, Yamino (Jormungand), and Hel. He has red-brown hair and green eyes; he also has an aversion to deep water as well as a possibly small case of amaxophobia since he seems to hate riding in cars. From Wikipedia Mayura Daidouji The main human character of the series: a pink-haired, red-eyed, 16-year-old, high school student obsessed with mysteries and the occult. Despite her love of strange cases, she never manages to find out who Loki is - partly because she has absolutely no sixth sense, despite being the daughter of a Shinto priest. From Wikipedia Loki Ragnarok 1 Loki Ragnarok 2 Loki Ragnarok 3 Loki Ragnarok 4 Loki Ragnarok 5 Loki Ragnarok 6 Loki Ragnarok 7 Loki Ragnarok 8 Loki Ragnarok 9 Loki Ragnarok 10 Loki Ragnarok 11 Loki Ragnarok 12 Loki Ragnarok 13 Loki Ragnarok 14 Loki Ragnarok 15 Loki Ragnarok 16 Loki Ragnarok 17 Loki Ragnarok 18 Loki Ragnarok 19 Loki Ragnarok 20 Loki Ragnarok 21 Loki Ragnarok 22 Loki Ragnarok 23 Loki Ragnarok 24 Loki Ragnarok 25 Loki Ragnarok 26

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