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The series stars a boy named Ikki Tenryou, who wants to become a champion of the World Robattle Tournament. At first, Ikki is not able to afford a top-of-the-line Medabot and his parents refuse to buy one for him in fear of it having it stolen by thieves, but he is able to scrape together a small amount of money to buy an outdated model, called a KBT. With a bit of luck, his dog Salty finds a medal, which is essentially the Medabot equivalent of a soul, in the river. Ikki quickly inserts it into the KBT he purchased. This Medabot becomes his partner in the Robattles he fights...  -taken from wikipedia  Characters
Ikki Tenryo Ikki Tenryo, a Riverview Junior High School student, is a lively and easygoing boy, although a bit timid. In fact, his Medabot Metabee is his complete opposite, and used to be able to wrap Ikki around his little finger. Metabee Metabee is a Medabot belonging to Ikki Tenryo. Metabee is an old outdated Hercules Beetle type (Kabuto type in Japan, or KBT-11220 type) Medabot. He possesses the rare Kabuto type medal that allows him to use the Medaforce. Metabee is known to be quite aggressive and stubborn, and often messes up due to his potheaded hyperactivity. Erika Erika is a childhood friend of Ikki who also attends Riverview Junior High School. She is a strong-minded girl who is always bossing Ikki around. However, she also has a sweet feminine side and a soft spot for Ikki. Brass Brass (or Sailor-Multi) is a Medabot belonging to Erika. Brass is a Sailor type (or SLR-191218 type) Medabot, who possesses an ordinary beetle type medal. Her personality is that of a young, polite school girl. Brass spends most of her time helping out in Erika's journalist career, acting as the camera girl, and so she rarely fights; however, when she does robattle, she is a tough opponent. Medabots 1 Medabots 2 Medabots 3 Medabots 4 Medabots 5 Medabots 6 Medabots 7 Medabots 8 Medabots 9 Medabots 10 Medabots 11 Medabots 12 Medabots 13 Medabots 14 Medabots 15 Medabots 16 Medabots 17 Medabots 18 Medabots 19 Medabots 20 Medabots 21 Medabots 22 Medabots 23 Medabots 24 Medabots 25 Medabots 26 Medabots 27 Medabots 28 Medabots 29 Medabots 30 Medabots 31 Medabots 32 Medabots 33 Medabots 34 Medabots 35 Medabots 36 Medabots 37 Medabots 38 Medabots 39 Medabots 40 Medabots 41 Medabots 42 Medabots 43 Medabots 44 Medabots 45 Medabots 46 Medabots 47 Medabots 48 Medabots 49 Medabots 50 Medabots 51 Medabots 52

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