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Sana Hidaka returns to his hometown after 5 years away living in Tokyo. Although there are some changes to the town, most has remained the same. On a detour to his apartments, he notices a girl in a shrine maiden outfit watching him when he visits the shrine. He finds out, the next day at school, that this girl is actually Nanaka Yatsushiro, his old childhood friend whom he gave a bracelet to before he left, that she still wears, even to this day.  Characters
Sana Hidaka Sana is the main protagonist of the series. He left Sakuranomori during his childhood, and during the beginning of the series he comes back to live by himself in the apartment building owned by Aoi's parents. He apparently had a crush on Nanaka before he left and still holds those feelings for her. Nanaka Yatsushiro Nanaka is one of Sana's friends, and seemed to have feelings for Sana. When Sana returns to town after five years, her personality has completely changed from sweet and caring to a cold demeanor, and moody. When she meets Sana again after he returned she slaps him for apparently not knowing who she was. She still seems to have romantic feeling as she gets jealous whenever Sana is with another girl (especially Asami). Shusuke Wakatsuki  Shusuke is one of the four childhood friends Sana left behind when he moved, and is still one of his new friends when he returned. He is the best friend of Sana and the only male besides Sana himself of the five friends. He is the younger twin of Shuri Wakatsuki. Yuzuki refers him as the lucky one of the Wakatsuki twins. Aoi Oribe Her parents own the apartment building that Sana lives in. She prefers to be called Aoi-chan instead of Aoi-san, despite the fact that she is a year older than Sana. She wears glasses and has a busty physique. She loves to read books and is very energetic and clumsy. She has a very high-pitched voice and child-like character Shuuri Wakatsuki Shuri is one of Sana's friends since childhood, and is the older twin of Shusuke Wakatsuki. Yuzuki refers her as unlucky Wakatsuki twin. She can be seen as the most athletic of all the girls, although she is somewhat lacking when it comes to her figure. Despite her sporty physique, Shuri is still a very supportive friend that had no trouble connecting with Sana, even after his prolonged absence. Asami Hoshino Asami is a friend of Sana's and is in her second year. Asami seems to have a very gentle personality, and even volunteers at an old folk's home; she often asks Sana to come too, who is happy to oblige. Hinako Mochida Hinako is ten years old at first but becomes eleven in the course of the story. She is in love with Syusuke from when he saved her from three bullies who took her bag and would not give it back. She seems to want to learn how to be the girl he will like and asks Sana and Aoi for help. Myself; Yourself 1 Myself; Yourself 2 Myself; Yourself 3 Myself; Yourself 4 Myself; Yourself 5 Myself; Yourself 6 Myself; Yourself 7 Myself; Yourself 8 Myself; Yourself 9 Myself; Yourself 10 Myself; Yourself 11 Myself; Yourself 12 Myself; Yourself 13

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