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Michisio Nagasumi is your average 14-year old schoolboy, who was dragged along by his parents to go on a summer vacation on the remote inland mountain beach of Seto. When he and his parents went to the beach, bad luck strikes when he got washed away on the sea, leaving him helpless on the fact that he is about to drown, when suddenly, while on the brink of death, a girl with a tail (in Nagasumi's blurred sight) saves him.  However, bad luck seems to be Nagasumi's brother-in-fate, when he discovers that the girl who saved him, named Seto San, is actually a mermaid. Catch is, San is the only daughter of Seto Gozabura, boss of the Seto Group, a Yakuza-like organization that has a grimly rule: Any human who discovers a mermaid/mermen must be killed, or the said mermaid/mermen would be killed instead. The only way for Nagasumi and San to escape this rule, is to get married (even if Gozabura objects, and only wishes to kill him instead)!  Facing dire (and stupendous) consequences, Nagasumi starts to embrace his eccentric new life, as he slowly adapts himself to the world of Mermaids and Mermen, as well as to learn more about them, especially his newly-wed wife, San-chan, while balancing them with normal Human life.   Characters
Nagasumi Michishio Nagasumi is the protagonist of the story. Nagasumi is likely the only one in his family who has a clear head, apart from his grandmother. When push comes to shove, Nagasumi demonstrates a great deal of inner strength. He decided to face his fears and take on the responsibility of taking care of Sun as his wife, although it doesn't make it easy on him due to almost everyone in the Seto group who are against their union. As the series progresses, however, he truly falls in love with Sun. Sun Seto Sun is the daughter of the Yakuza Seto Group's boss. She is a firm believer in the chivalrous spirit of mermaids, and is devoted to her role as Nagasumi's wife. She is also in love with Nagasumi. Since she has yet to become an adult, Sun is unable to completely maintain her human form, and her legs revert to a tail whenever she comes into contact with water. Her name is related to Seto Inland Sea and is a direct reference to the Sun. Lunar Edomae Lunar is a childhood friend and rival of Sun. She has used the powers of her mermaid voice to become an idol singer. She seems to suffer from a superiority complex, and she never passes up an attempt to overshadow Sun. Lunar has a trademark "hohoho" laugh that can be heard before she enters the scene. Mawari Zenigata Mawari is the daughter of the chief of police in Nagasumi's hometown, and a childhood friend of Nagasumi, whom she has a crush on. She takes it upon herself to act as a moderator of social behavior, and often reprimands Nagasumi for some of his actions. Mawari's dream is to become a police chief like her father. Seto no Hanayome 1 Seto no Hanayome 2 Seto no Hanayome 3 Seto no Hanayome 4 Seto no Hanayome 5 Seto no Hanayome 6 Seto no Hanayome 7 Seto no Hanayome 8 Seto no Hanayome 9 Seto no Hanayome 10 Seto no Hanayome 11 Seto no Hanayome 12 Seto no Hanayome 13 Seto no Hanayome 14 Seto no Hanayome 15 Seto no Hanayome 16 Seto no Hanayome 17 Seto no Hanayome 18 Seto no Hanayome 19 Seto no Hanayome 20 Seto no Hanayome 21 Seto no Hanayome 22 Seto no Hanayome 23 Seto no Hanayome 24 Seto no Hanayome 25 Seto no Hanayome 26 Seto no Hanayome OVA 1 Seto no Hanayome OVA 2

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