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A group of students from St. Luminous College are investigating the mysterious disappearances that are happening all around Tatsumi Town. One student, who was researching a book entitled 'End Earth', which describes an alternate world, also mysteriously disappears. As Mao, a being from the other world, enters their world in order to look for her friend Zero, she teams up with Souma and Kureha in order to battle a monster who also came to their world. Just when things seem to go their way, an accident teleports Souma and Kureha into another world. To make things more complicated, Zero appears to the two stating that he will now entrust the world to Souma. As they travel this new world, they encounter familiar friends and enemies, and they begin to realize that getting back to their own world is harder than they previously thought.  Characters
Souma Akizuki An athletic student who along with Kureha, was transported to the dream continent, End Earth. Souma has feelings for Kureha despite knowing that she has feelings for Kiriya, he sometimes gets annoyed at Kiriya for not noticing her feelings for him. He then confesses his affection for her, which apparently is not mutual, shortly before being transported to the other world. Mao A quarter beast, she has a pair of cat like ears. She is also the Princess of Bestia. She traveled to Souma's world looking for Zero. In the process, she accidentally sent Souma and Kureha into her world. Kureha Touka A student who also happens to work at a shrine as a miko or shinto priestess. Kureha is skilled in the art of archery. She was transported to End Earth with Souma after they helped Mao defeat a monster. Upon their arrival, she was attacked by monsters and presumably died. Fortunately, she was revealed to be unscathed after Souma pulled out a sword from her body, the Spirit Sword Snow Moon Flower. Kaito Kiriya A quiet and shy student who receives a message from an elven woman from End Earth. When he tells his friends, the group dismisses the message as they believe it to only be a dream. Kiriya is a skilled swordsman, ranging from kendo to fencing. The cherry blossom of their college transports him and Seena to End Earth right after Souma and Kureha, taking the entire building as well. He becomes the knight for an independent mercenary group called the 'Luminous Knights' which is started by Seena. Kanon Seena A student who belongs to the Student Council just like the other characters. She, along with Kiriya, are later transported to End Earth shortly after Kureha and Souma. Upon their arrival, Seena and Kiriya form an independent mercenary group called the Luminous Knights, with Seena as the leader. She lets Kiriya use her heart as a sword only to allow him to fight, the Gun Sword Blade Cannon. Haruto Saionji  Student Council President. He along with Hiruda, are transported to End Earth before the other main characters. When he first encounters his old friends in End Earth, he is revealed to be an enemy. He became the Emperor of Baelgard, and goes by the name Traihard. Like Souma and Kiriya, he is also a Soul Blader, and chooses to draw swords from Baelgard's four guardians, which includes Reia Hiruda. Reia Hiruda A seemingly innocent and quiet girl, who is devoted to Saionji. She found the book that allows herself and Saionji to be brought into End Earth. Though she wants to follow him, she does not want to be engulfed in darkness, so she develops a dark second personality, one that will do all the things that she does not want to. She becomes one of Baelgard's four guardians, the Hellfire Alchemist, Hildareia. Her alter ego prefers the darkside, and she often does experiments on many elves, turning them into mindless soldiers for Baelgard. Shining Tears X Wind 1 Shining Tears X Wind 2 Shining Tears X Wind 3 Shining Tears X Wind 4 Shining Tears X Wind 5 Shining Tears X Wind 6 Shining Tears X Wind 7 Shining Tears X Wind 8 Shining Tears X Wind 9 Shining Tears X Wind 10 Shining Tears X Wind 11 Shining Tears X Wind 12 Shining Tears X Wind 13

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