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In the world of Daikuuriku, everyone is born female, and chooses which sex they wish to become at age 17. In this world, the peaceful theocracy of Simulacrum is guarded by magical flying machines called "Simoun", which can only be piloted by young girls who haven't chosen a sex yet. The Simoun can activate a magical power known as "Ri Maajon" that can destroy large numbers of enemies at once. When the industrialized nation of Argentum decides that it needs to invade Simulacrum to acquire the secret of the Simoun, war breaks out, drawing the Simoun "Sibyllae" (priestesses who fly the Simoun) into a lopsided battle. Because the war is raging, the Sibyllae are granted an exemption from choosing a permanent sex for as long as they're willing to keep flying. Aaeru, a determined young Sibylla with a mysterious past, and Neviril, the leader of Chor Tempest, Simulacrum's most elite Simoun squadron, must lead their fellow priestesses through conflict both within their ranks and in the sky.  Characters
Aaeru Aaeru is a brash young sibylla who joins Chor Tempest as one of three replacements for combat losses in the first battle against Argentum. She immediately takes a liking to Neviril, and pushes to become Neviril's new Pair after Amuria is lost. Aaeru fits the stereotype of the cocky fighter pilot, and has little patience for the sibyllae's role as priestesses. She volunteered for combat after serving as a cadet on the southern front, and possesses an outstanding flying ability. Neviril Neviril is the Sibylla Aurea, and the Regina of Chor Tempest. She has a reputation for being the best Auriga in the entire Simoun fleet, and is the object of admiration of both the other sibyllae and the cadets aboard Arcus Prima. She is so revered that junior sibyllae are reprimanded for addressing her without an honorific even in her absence. She is the daughter of Halconf, the chief administrator of Simulacrum's government. Alty Alty is Floe's pair, and wears her hair in a chin-length bob parted in the middle. She harbors a "sister complex" toward her older sister, Kaimu. She flies auriga, paired with Floe. Floe Floe is an energetic blond-haired sibylla. She flies sagitta with Alty. She is very forward with her feelings, and is not shy about expressing them. Kaimu Kaimu is a diffident sibylla with large round glasses, who flies sagitta aboard Paraietta's Simoun. She is Alty's older sister. Although she is very nice, she is also alert and easily roused. She harbors an unrequited love for Paraietta. Rimone Rimone is an extremely young sibylla assigned to Chor Tempest as a replacement for the losses from the first battle. She was promoted to the rank of sibylla at an unusually early age due to her flying ability and sharp intellect. She is very fond of sweets, and can frequently be seen snacking on some treat or other. Morinas Morinas is another of the replacement sibylla who joins Chor Tempest after the first battle of the war. She pursues Neviril for a time when she first joins the choir, but eventually gives up. She has a keen interest in understanding how the helical motors that power the Simoun work, and is a compulsive flirt. Paraietta Paraietta is second in command of Chor Tempest, and a respected Sibylla. She flies as an auriga, paired with Kaimu. She has a stern, masculine manner, and joined Corps Tempest because she is Neviril's childhood friend. She remains very loyal to Neviril. Simoun 1 Simoun 2 Simoun 3 Simoun 4 Simoun 5 Simoun 6 Simoun 7 Simoun 8 Simoun 9 Simoun 10 Simoun 11 Simoun 12 Simoun 13 Simoun 14 Simoun 15 Simoun 16 Simoun 17 Simoun 18 Simoun 19 Simoun 20 Simoun 21 Simoun 22 Simoun 23 Simoun 24 Simoun 25 Simoun 26

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