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Due to family troubles, Ren Uesugi and his sister, Mihato, leave their home. They end up moving to the city but find themselves with a lack of money. Somehow they are able to find work in the form of the Kuonji family's mansion, being employed as servants to the three sisters of the Kuonji family: Shinra, Miyu, and Yume. Being a servant also associates Ren with the mansion's additional servants and the Kuonji sisters' friends. (taken from AnimeNewsNetwork)  Characters
Ren Uesugi Hired by the Kuonji family after running away from home with his sister. Known for his stubbornness and unwillingness to admit defeat also has an older sister complex towards Mihato. His father used to beat him up during his childhood. Currently he is Shinra's personal butler, due to the fact that she loves to tease him for his honest and straightforward personality. Mihato Uesugi Ren's older sister who ran away with him. She is said to hide items in forty-nine different places on her body and has admitted to having a 'Brother Complex'. After she and Ren became part of the servant staff, she has shown signs of being lonely without him. She works as Miyu's personal maid. She sometimes gets so jealous that Ren is not giving her attention she tries to think of ways of killing the person that is taking his attention, but usually stopped before anything happens. Despite it sounding morbid it is made in situations to be comical. Shinra Kuonji Older sister of the Kuonji siblings; she has a habit of teasing the people she likes and a fondness for cute things (especially her younger sister Miyu). In public she works as a famous conductor in orchestra. She loves to tease people that she finds cute, particularly Ren (Whom she taunts by subtly hinting at the prospect of sexual activity, only to coyly shift away from that course of action at the last second) and Miyu (Whom she regularly molests, or at least it is assumed, what really happens is not explained). Her favorite animal is a panda because she finds how they are black and white "cute". Miyu Kuonj Second oldest of the Kuonji and referred to as 'loli' by her older sister due to her being short. Ironically, it seems like Miyu is a shotacon. She also is the smartest of the sisters, already having graduated college. Miyu claims to have an I.Q. of 240. She is constantly teased by her older sister, Shinra. She created De Niro, an egg shaped robot. Despite her size and figure, she is actually in her twenties. She earns millions by selling her patented inventions through the hour, thus she has alot of free time to idle around. Yume Kuonj The youngest of the Kuonji siblings. Referring to herself with her own name and is usually overlooked by the other sisters. She also seems to show signs of being envious with Shinra's fondness towards Miyu. Her hobbies are repairing radio antenna, reading manga, and collecting seashells. Only Natose and Ren shows notice to her. Benis Benis is the Kuonji head maid and Shinra's personal attendant. She is known to have a violent short temper. Her name has a similar phonetic sound to "penis" when said in Japanese. This is shown to greatly aggravate her when the Uesugi siblings make fun of it. Benis grew up in a poor section of an unnamed European city, working at a relative's restaurant while learning to cook, learning to fight while protecting herself from those who would try to grab her, and teaching herself math in the streets. After the restaurant closed, she was picked up off the streets by the Colonel, who was impressed by her skill in cooking and brought her to work at the Kuonji house. She values Shinra's praise and attention above all else due to the fact that she feels that Shinra gives her a reason to live. Colonel Head butler who used to be in the special forces. Real name is Taijiri Yasushi. Also believes himself to be incredibly handsome. he frequently parodies other anime series, most notoriously Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Natose Yume's personal attendant and also the head for the security of Kuonji mansion, known for her blue hair and eyepatch and love of food. If it has something to do with obtaining food, she is shown to obtain superhuman abilities. Out of all the characters she is the only one that does not overlook Yume. According to Ren's observation, she had always wished for having a little brother and thus Ren calls her "big sis". De Niro Miyu's invention and serves as her attendant. An egg shaped robot with a mouth, not radio controlled but an advanced A.I that gives him own free will and thoughts and also a bullying attitude. Likes to molest electronic appliances. Chiharu Kiyohara Although he is male, Chiharu looks and sounds feminine. He is in charge of cleaning in the Kuonji household. As a nod, due to his less important role of the story, he is often being overlooked and forgotten by everybody. Ageha Kuki A rich girl who is Yume's classmate. She has a butler of her own named Kojuro whom she often hits regardless of whether he has failed a task or done a good deed. She comes to have feelings for Ren after seeing his honest, hardworking personality. The cross shaped scar on her forehead is explained in the PlayStation 2 version (according to the Colonel). Kojuro Takeda Ageha's butler. Despite getting hit by her often he does not mind; as a matter of fact, he finds great displeasure in receiving any other form of punishment (or praise). Anastasia Mistina Yet another one of Yume's classmates. Nicknamed "Mi". She has an extreme affection for pain. They Are My Noble Masters 1 They Are My Noble Masters 2 They Are My Noble Masters 3 They Are My Noble Masters 4 They Are My Noble Masters 5 They Are My Noble Masters 6 They Are My Noble Masters 7 They Are My Noble Masters 8 They Are My Noble Masters 9 They Are My Noble Masters 10 They Are My Noble Masters 11 They Are My Noble Masters 12 They Are My Noble Masters 13

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