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The series takes place in the distant future, 150 years after the development of spacecraft capable of traveling faster than the speed of light, and follows the motley crew of the titular ship: the Outlaw Star,its captain outlaw Gene Starwind and his eleven year-old business associate, Jim Hawking. Together they run a small jack-of-all-trades business on the backwater planet Sentinel III. After the two take a job as bodyguards for a mysterious outlaw, they find themselves the owners of the XGP15A-II, a highly advanced prototype spacecraft, and the caretakers of a bio-android named Melfina.  (taken and edited from wikipedia)  Characters
Gene Starwind A ladies' man, a slacker and the captain of the Outlaw Star. He is well armed with a variety of weapons including a Caster gun, a magic pistol effective against Tao priests and other things of supernatural origin. James "Jim" Hawking The eleven year-old is Gene's business partner and sidekick. He is the Outlaw Star's resident computer expert and accountant, responsible for team's finances and plans. Melfina A bio-android created by Professor Gwen Khan to work with the ship's navigator. Sometime after she was created, both Melfina and the Outlaw Star were stolen from the Kei pirates by the outlaw Hilda who intended to use them to find the Galactic Leyline. Aisha Clanclan A lunatic dark-skinned catgirl. As a Ctarl-Ctarl officer, she was in charge of locating the Galactic Leyline for the Empire, but after she unknowingly allowed Hot Ice Hilda to escape, the Empire ordered her to stay behind on Blue Heaven to look for clues as punishment. As such, she joins the Outlaw crew. "Twilight" Suzuka A female assassin who only kills when the sun is setting. Her weapon of choice is a bokken that can slice metal like a cleaver and smash concrete. After a failed attempt to kill Gene's friend Fred Luo, she decides to help the crew against the Kei Pirates mainly to go after her family's killer. Outlaw Star 1 Outlaw Star 2 Outlaw Star 3 Outlaw Star 4 Outlaw Star 5 Outlaw Star 6 Outlaw Star 7 Outlaw Star 8 Outlaw Star 9 Outlaw Star 10 Outlaw Star 11 Outlaw Star 12 Outlaw Star 13 Outlaw Star 14 Outlaw Star 15 Outlaw Star 16 Outlaw Star 17 Outlaw Star 18 Outlaw Star 19 Outlaw Star 20 Outlaw Star 21 Outlaw Star 22 Outlaw Star 23 Outlaw Star 24 Outlaw Star 25 Outlaw Star 26
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