Fate/Stay Night
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Series Information

Title: Fate/Stay Night
Year: 2006
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Status: completed


When he was young Shirou had lost his parents in a large and unexplained fire. He was rescued and later adopted by a man named Kiritsugu Emiya who revealed himself to be a magus, a person capable of using magic. Through their conversation, Shirou learns of his foster father’s failed life ambition to become a ‘Hero of Justice’, a guardian of mankind who could protect the weak and innocent. Touched by Kiritsugu’s conviction, Shirou affirms to his foster father that he intends to devote his life to achieving that distant ideal. To do this, Shirou pleads with a begrudging Kiritsugu to teach him magecraft, but Shirou proves to be talentless in almost all the fundamental magecraft disciplines.

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